I want to thank everyone who’s helped me build this project. It’s amazing how fast I could establish a network of people in Europe’s small-scale fisheries field: everyone whom I spoke with advised me to talk to even more people. Not only did you connect me, your enthusiasm has made me more and more confident to start this journey. The network is big, so I can’t thank everyone in person, but you know who you are. In particular some organizations: LIFE, AKTEA, Lonxanet, Sciaena & Slow Fish.

Second, I’d like to thank the people who are in the More to Sea translate teams. They provide translations of the stories such that fishers can read about each other’s lives, as well as making the stories more accessible to us, people of the land. French: Isabel Blotnik, Stanislas Martin, Alessndro Venti & Lydia Sorbi-Hendriksen. Spanish: Laura Rodriguez Imbers, Arantza Zabaleta, Kai Garcia Neefjes, Maria Arredondo, Francisco Xosé Presas Basalo & Nathalia Vasquez Urbina. Portuguese: Inês Serras Pereira & Bernardo Mendonça. Italian: Davide Paolobello, Emilia Rizzi, Giulia De Fusco, Silvia Peirolo & Martina Vagnozzi. Greek: Stelios Paliouras, Popi Giatrakou & Niki Karatza.

Third, I’d like to thank Marten, Lianne, Ivanka, Carrie & Daan for helping me with different elements of photography.

Lastly, a special thanks to Roos, dear friend and excellent designer (see No Graphic), for creating the More to Sea design and output.


These are the acknowledgements, but I’m sure that throughout the journey I’ll have to thank many more people, such as my engineer friends who can, from a distance, tell me how to fix my car, the people that’ll host me, and those that share amazing food with me…